Hope Center

Hope-Center-Exterior2-300x214The Hope Center at Pullen–a faith community of hospitality, affirmation, and justice–strives to remove barriers to opportunity through personal and community partnerships.

Origins through Pullen Outreach

With its long-standing outreach to address both individual needs and systemic injustice, Pullen provided the foundational support to begin The Hope Center at Pullen.

The idea for The Hope Center at Pullen grew from the learnings of Pullen’s Back Door Ministry, a volunteer program that provides food and bus tickets to people in need two afternoons a week. Surveying some backdoor guests, it became clear that many of the people needed significant one-on-one assistance to improve their life situation.  The most common request from back door guests was “help me get a job.”

By 2004, other outreach and education efforts were leading Pullen to commit more time and resources toward people living in difficult situations. The church as a whole also was making plans to build an addition that would include dedicated missions space.

In 2008, the congregation voted to create a nonprofit organization. The Hope Center at Pullen was incorporated in July 2008 and approved as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit in January 2009.  It is governed by a board of directors.

Through this nonprofit organization, Pullenites live into our faith values, drawing together more resources from the community to help our neighbors in need as we work together to do justice and love kindness.


Laura and Ricky (small)_1Pullenites are involved in critical operations and program delivery. We serve in volunteer roles that include being board members, mentors, job search counselors, office assistants, event planners, volunteer trainers, marketers, public speakers, fundraisers, grant writers and advocates. Per bylaws, a majority of the board members shall be members of Pullen Memorial.

The Hope Center at Pullen operates two programs:

  1. Foster Youth Academy: A Homelessness Prevention Program for youth (ages 13-22) who have been in the foster care system, focused on employment, career, and housing goals.
  2. Job Readiness Program: A Homelessness Intervention Program for men, women, and families focused on employment, career, and housing goals.

Visit, Volunteer & Invite Friends to Join You

The nonprofit is housed in the bright, window-lit space below the church’s chapel. Members of Pullen designed this space specifically for The Hope Center programs and dedicated the facility on February 1, 2009. Pullenites are welcome to visit, inquire about volunteering and invite friends to get involved. Read participant stories and news at www.HopeCenterAtPullen.org.


The Hope Center at Pullen
1801 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27605
Telephone: 919-322-2751
Fax: 919-833-9364

Office Hours
Tuesdays – Thursdays
9:00am — 4:30pm


Executive Director
Stacy Bluth

Case Manager
Alex Atwell

Office Manager
Pat Hielscher

Education Specialist
Caitlin Taylor, M.Ed.

Mental Health Specialist
Tania Grant, LPCA, NCC, M.Ed.