Member Views

Pullen is a church where we encourage each person to discover and live an authentic faith. Members and friends of Pullen come from many different religious traditions. We respect and honor various spiritual paths even as we lift up the life and teachings of Jesus.

People at Pullen have many opportunities to nurture and grow in their faith. On Sunday mornings, we offer a wide range of classes for adults and programs for children and youth. During the week, the church continues to be a bustling community as we gather for meetings, small group activities and a Wednesday night supper followed by a choice of programs. We have a strong focus on music, artistic endeavors, and encourage creative expressions of faith. At Pullen, our members and friends can always find opportunities for creativity, fellowship, learning, teaching and service.

As a congregation, we laugh frequently. During times of grief, we care for one another. With a strong sense of mission, we respond to wider needs in the community, nation and world. The pursuit of peace and justice throughout creation is an important goal for our church. A theme verse we use regularly is Micah 6:8: “What does God require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.” In short, we believe that the way we treat one another and other people is more important than the way we express our beliefs. We find more grace in the search for meaning than in absolute certainty.

Pullen is open to everyone and is a haven for many who have not felt comfortable or welcome in other congregations. We invite you to visit us as we explore our faith as a congregation and as individuals.


What We Say – Views from Pullen Members


I was raised in a Freewill Baptist church, and I came here looking for spiritual roots. A friend suggested I try Pullen, and I immediately felt welcomed as a single, divorced parent…. The spirit of God is here. Those who come to Pullen feel like their lives have been touched by something special.

—Nancy Jones

My favorite part of Pullen is Children’s Worship. It’s a lot like worship in big church except you’re in a small place. We sing songs, and we have communion, too. The teachers are really nice. If a kid is acting up, they don’t yell.

—Former member of the Children’s Program

For me, Pullen opened doors that had never been opened. It’s a place where you are encouraged to think on your own. Joining the Peace and Justice Mission Group was an eye-opening experience.

—Serena Buckner

The biggest draw for me is the music. I really enjoy playing in the orchestra.

—Ted Buckner

Pullen is a safe place. People here really care about me and are honest with me. Whatever I choose to do, they are always behind me saying ‘you can do it.’ As a church, we’re held together because we share the same central values: Love, love of God, peace and justice, safety.

—Rachel Iversen, former member of the youth group

I first came to Pullen in 1951 because it was the only church I found that would accept a Methodist baptism. I got involved with the youth group and formed relationships with the youth and parents that continue today.

—Dick Volk

When I was coming out as a transgendered person, the Gospel meant a great deal to me. I believe Pullen most closely follows Jesus Christ’s example of love to others who are considered socially unacceptable and who are in pain. The people at Pullen don’t ‘shoot their wounded.’ There’s an attitude at Pullen that we’re all God’s creation and should be treated as such.

—Rachel Grace Moran

I cherish this community of friends. I am nurtured, challenged, informed, and enriched by being a member of this church. It feels like ‘home’ to be at Pullen.

—Pat Kincheloe